Based on the Oscar winning film

Director’s Notes

“Doubt requires more courage than conviction does, and more energy; because conviction is a resting place and doubt is infinite—it is a passionate exercise. You may come out of my play uncertain. You may want to be sure.  Look down on that feeling.  We’ve got to learn to live with a full measure of uncertainty.  There is no last word.  That’s the silence under the chatter of our time.  “ --John Patrick Shanley

St Thomas Players is named for two Thomases..Doubting Thomas, the Apostle, and Father Thomas Merton, a Trappist Monk, who was a seeker all his life, and spent much of his time in doubt.  That’s not the reason we picked Doubt, a Parable, but it’s been a fascinating correlation to study.

The play is set in 1964, in the Bronx where Shanley grew up and attended Catholic School run by the Sisters of Charity.  As Dylan sang, the times really were changing, and so was the Catholic Church. Vatican II changed many traditions, including Latin masses.  Through Sister Aloysius, Father Flynn, Sister James and Mrs. Muller,
Doubt examines the uncertainty that can result from change, and the clashes between genders, generations and cultures. I love this play.  It is beautifully written; spare and powerful.  The cast and crew and I have spent hours in discussion, exchange of ideas, and in doubt.  We are grateful for the opportunity to bring it to life.  I think it is noteworthy that the playwright dedicated this play to “ the many orders of Catholic nuns who have devoted their lives to serving others in hospitals, schools and retirement homes.  Though they have been much maligned and ridiculed, who among us has been so generous?”  --Claudia Galup , Director 

Center for Faith & the Arts

St. Thomas Players presented ​Doubt: A Parable  January 2018...check back soon for our next play