"Inspired Wellness for Lifelong Well-Being"

Class 1 : Tuesdays -            5:45 to 7:15 PM
Class 2: Wednesdays -      9:30 to  11 AM
$15.00 per class.

Ongoing - contact instructor for availability.

Students may enter mid-session is space allows. 
To register, please contact Debra McNeil, OTR/L, EP-C, RYT
at or
 Phone 704-637-1671 (home phone). 


There are two ways to make payment for enrollment in classes.

Please be sure to include your name, date of class and number of people enrolling for the class.

1.  Send money through PayPal (class fee plus $3.00 service charge) to
Please note the name, date and number of participants in the comments field.


2.  Click here to fill out our enrollment form  and then mail a check to:  
Center for Faith & the Arts - P. O. Box 4098 -   Salisbury, NC 28145

Payment for class reserves your space.

Yoga props are incorporated and a thick mat (for under your own) is provided to facilitate comfort, ease, and safety. Classes are taught in a small group format (8 students max.) and offered in six-week sessions. 


Wellness is the result of personal initiative, seeking a more optimal, holistic and balanced state of well-being across five dimensions.  This class is designed to empower the Baby Boomer to move forward with greater wellness and well-being by creating a holistic experience that nourishes each dimension. Historical yoga postures are evolved through application of current evidence-based knowledge to design a safe, effective and enjoyable practice.  A slow, gentle and mindful approach is utilized with a focus on the physcial breath and postures to calm the mind, balance the body, and cultivate self-awareness. 
The practice guides students through:
* Simple techniques to reestablish a healthy, diaphragmatic breath
* Slow, gentle preparatory movements (mat level, not standing) that open the major joints and muscles of the body and maintain a moment by moment awareness as they are synchronized with the breath
* Gentle postures that promote a healthy spine and improve posture, balance, and breathing
* Postures that gently strengthen muscles and promote functional range of motion of the joints, creating a balance of strength and flexibility
*Mediation to rest in the stillness of Being, and find peace within

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Center for Faith & the Arts