The Phoenix Readersis a volunteer readers' theatre company comprised of individuals aged 55 and older. Phoenix readers is and endeavor under the St. Thomas Players umbrella; the group is led by Jim Epperson, Catawba College professor emeritus of theatre arts. The Phoenix Readers performs in various venues from senior centers to libraries and more! Please contact the center if you would like to secure The Phoenix Readers for a performance with your group or organization.


Phoenix Readers' Cast Members: 
Nick Bishop

Julie Cline

Mike Cline  

Kate Davis

Ray Davies    

Buddy Farnan  

Karl Hales

Rebekah Hardison

Linda Jones 

Lori VanWallendael 

Becky Porter

Shawn VanWallendael

Readers theatre has been often called "theatre of the mind," a medium in which performers conjure a rich, sensory experience for the audience.  The acting style is a fusion of acting and reading, and the scripts are created from a variety of literature: plays, novels, short stories, letters, songs, and poems.

The performance is primarily stationary, with readers seated on stools, chairs, or boxes and scripts held in their hands or placed on lecterns. Physical movement is mostly suggested; scenery and costumes are only selectively implied.

Don't miss this opportunity to be a part of this exciting endeavor!

If you would like to book the Phoenix readers for your group, please email us at 

Center for Faith & the Arts