The wall above is a collaborative art project in the Women's Health Center, at the University of Californian San Francisco in in 2015. It is a wall of Hope & Gratitude. patients, staff, visitors and the public in general were all asked to contribute a small work of art to the wall expressing gratitude for people and experiences in their life.

As part of our year long exploration of gratitude we are creating a wall of thankfulness at CFA. The public is encouraged to participate by creating their own 4" x 4" works of art expressing gratitude for some person, place, organization, group, or experience that has had a special impact on their life. It doesn't matter what media; paint, weave, draw, quilt, collage, embroider, journal; whatever you feel most comfortable using to express your gratitude. We will use these works of art to fill the wall outside of our galleries.

Periodically through the year we will have workshops in various media where artists help you create a piece of art for the wall. Also you can talk to us about arranging a workshop for a group you belong to. This project will continue for the whole year. Donations to support this project will be accepted with gratitude.

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