In the Parlor and throughout the Center

Center for Faith & the Arts

Opening Reception

Friday, August 10

6:00 to 8:00 pm

Light Refreshments

Artist Talk, 7:00

CFA is pleased to present local artist Patt Legg in our gallery through early October. Patt has been creating art since 1975. She has exhibited her works across and the south and in NYC. Her forte' is working in classical oil painting techniques but taking these techniques in new directions. About her work she says:

"My process of painting will begin weeks even months prior to ever putting a brush in hand. I get an idea, I ponder, I research, I see that idea actually being painted in my mind. The creative process is just that, meaning that as one is actually physically painting it may change and go in an entirely different direction than first seen. That is being creative.

My actual process is always about close observation of the subject. The subject may be a still life of pears, a bowl, a tiny frog sitting near a stream or a single flower at the edge of a rock. The subject also may be that of the figure who strikes something in me that I must preserve. I observe for quite some time, the placement, the colors, the slant of the eyes, the shadows and where the light is hitting. I then tone the canvas, a slight color of choice, rub most off and begin to draw with my brush. I am observing the shapes only. I continue until the subject is revealed. I begin with light to dark values of grays bringing the subject to a completed “map” of sorts of shadows and light. I then proceed with color , l layer by layer building depth and finally completion .This is also my method of introducing students to the power of painting the Classical method. The process being similar to the greats of Rembrandt, Carravagio and Vermeer. 
My body of work often is done with a theme as I have found in my many years of painting. I may hear an expression or see a sentence in written word and something inside of me inspires a painting. I never know when or how the inspiration will hit and I love it when it does. "

Join us on August 10 to meet the artist and see this exhibit.

In the Main Gallery...

Heart & Soul:   A Solo Exhibition by

                                                            Our Artist in Residence

                                                                                                           Shanna Glawson

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 by appointment. 

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