​As an up and coming emerging artist Morgan's  work can be characterized as impressionistic and sometimes abstract. Her inspiration comes from the planes and forms of what she perceives as powerful feminine figures such as, Misty Copeland and Nykor Paul. She is fascinated by the shapes and shadows of physical forms and seeks to capture that rich texture in her work. Her subjects are varied and the body of her work consists of figure studies of planes and forms. Morgan strives to express the contoured lines, planes and forms using a palette of similar colors that engages her imagination . Her work is vibrant, dramatic, colorful and powerful, evoking a visceral reaction from her viewers.

​Morgan Dalia Peterson

An exhibit to celebrate the positive impact of recovery in our communities.

Asheville visual artist Douglas Lail will present “Hello My Name Is…”, a collection of 40 portraits and personal recovery stories of people recovering from alcohol, drugs, mental health and other life challenges.

A professional artist since 2007, Lail began concentrating on portraits in 2014. The idea to do an exhibit on people in recovery grew out of Lail’s own recovery experience and his desire to do something socially relevant with his artwork.

“I’ve been in recovery since 2013,” Lail said. “I’d been in recovery about a 18 months and was experiencing the sting of negative social stigma associated with addiction and I realized I had found the subject matter for my artwork. This project offers a look at the faces of people that face their greatest fears and reunite with the world.”

Lail said the HMNI project as a community outreach program to break through the social stigma of addiction by focusing on the positive impact of recovery, in the lives of individuals, their families and the community. He created the portraits in the HMNI project using basic white charcoal on black paper. He said he chose this medium to align the art with the overall concept of the project – emerging from the darkness of addiction into the light of recovery.“My mission with this project is to paint the light that I see in the mirror as well as the light I see in the people in recovery around me,” Lail said.

The exhibit and July 14 opening reception are free and open to the public. Donations will be accepted to support the project, but the artwork itself is not for sale. The Asheville Area Arts Council (AAAC), is the Fiscal Sponsor of The “Hello My Name Is…” Project. For more information or for questions about the AAAC Fiscal Sponsorship program visit:ashevillearts.com/programs. The project is a traveling exhibit and Lail intends to schedule more tour dates for 2017 and beyond. Those interested in following his efforts may contact Lail through his website,HMNI.org , or follow the project’s progress on Facebook at HelloMyNameIsProject or Twitter@HMNI_Project.

"Hello My Name Is . . ."

Misty Eyed             $650

Love is        $400

I am Woman  $400

In the Hallway

​Art speaks to the soul and creating art can be a practice that enhances contemplation and thoughtful living. The process of creating opens our mind and feeds our spirit. It can be a part of journey of self discovery. 

Join us as we present the contemplative art of Karen Campbell. 
Karen Perrell Campbell is an experienced coach, artist and entrepreneur who has been working with individuals and organizations for over 15 years. She has worked with the complexities and shadow material of her own. Exploring her life stories and unraveling experiences through a multifaceted approaches encompassing the practice of creativity and contemplation. She uses intuitive, creative and linear processes to support her journey and yours. She wor6ks with collage, photography, mandalas, and flow painting to explore and enhance her spiritual journey. 

Karen shares her work with us beginning September 8. The exhibit is hung in our library and an opening reception will be held on September 8 from 6:00 to 9:00. The artist will speak of her journey and the process of art as contemplation at 7:00. 

Join us that evening to celebrate art as an expression of spirit.

In the Main Gallery

In the Library

​Center for Faith & the Arts


Gallery Hours

2nd Friday of each month,

6-9 pm or 

 by appointment 

call to schedule for both individuals and groups