Childhood Requiem    Shanna Glawson  $400

The Art Gallery

Center for Faith & the Arts

OCD-Intrustive Thought Shane Manier  $150

Scars  Karen Perrell Campbell  $90

207 W. Harrison Street, Salisbury, NC  28144                                             704-647-0999

Oh Deer   Shanna Glawson    $400

Pride     Morgan Dalia Peterson   $650

The Art Gallery runs a variety of shows, each with its own unique theme.  Our program Coordinator, Nancy Gaines sends out a call for arts and recruits artists from all over North Carolina to participate in each show.  The Center for Faith & the Arts does not charge the artists an entry fee, so your donations are vital to our future efforts to showcase up and coming artists. We do accept a small commission on sales, so purchasing a piece would also help both the artist and our gallery.  If you are interested in purchasing a piece, please contact us at 704-647-0999

​Elphaba    Morgan Dalia Peterson    $250