Who We Are

Not sure exactly what it is we do at CFA? That's okay. Our mission is intentionally broad. 

We believe that creativity and contemplation go hand-in-hand. We believe in the enhanced experience of art through a reflection of the spirit. We believe in the power of art to connect people to the Divine... however that may be defined for you. It is our intention to be open and inclusive when it comes to both forms of art and definitions of faith.

Our official mission is to explore and enhance the close relationship between the arts and one's spiritual life by heightening the spiritual experience with the power and meaning of art. Our goal is to offer opportunities for individuals to have spiritual experiences through artistic expressions... in a variety of forms and without attempting to define anyone's "spiritual experience." It is our goal to offer opportunities that allow for the exploration of the connection between art and spirituality. 

The Center for Faith & the Arts (CFA) is a 501(c)3 organization founded in 1995 as a result of the vision and work of Dr. J. Daniel Brown, retired Catawba College professor. CFA has historically embodied this through productions by the award-winning St. Thomas Players theater company and offering exhibits and lectures on a variety of topics, featuring presenters from musician and artist Scott Avett to scholar Dr. Bart Ehrman.

“Dan’s original vision is exactly where we still are, but our methods of delivering that mission to the community have evolved and changed over the years,” explains long-term Board Member Mark Ritchie. Dan's original vision continues to unfold in new exciting ways thanks to a passionate Board of Directors, committed staff, numerous dedicated volunteers, and the multitude of artists within our own community. 

congregation of faith

207 W. Harrison Street, Salisbury, NC  28144                                             704-647-0999

Board of Directors 

Karen Campbell - Board Chair
Karen Puckett -
Vice Chair
John Sofley -
Dr. Susan Lee -
Nick Bishop
Sherry Mason Brown
Betty Jo Hardy
Claudia Galup
Dawn Courtney Mason
Barbara Corriher 

Dr. Sharon Grant

​Elizabeth Staton

Andi Shores Cantrell

Executive Director

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Executive Director - Andi Shores Cantrell
Program Coordinator - Nancy Gaines

Center for Faith & the Arts